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Call of duty: Black ops III is another feather added to the video game ballot- Call of Duty. The game is first person shooting game, an advanced sequel to the 2012 game named Call of Duty: Black ops II. The game is to be released on Xbox 360, Xbox one, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4.

Game has more mayhem, scheming and shootings to be unleashed and takes excitement, fury and charges to new heights. It is a game to truly test your skills as a master gamer and planner and someone who can stomach blood and gore and take tough decisions. The game is set in 2065 after 40 years of last tryst of actions unleashed by Black ops II. Game can be taken as gaming hub and transformation of famous the Matrix series but with more violence and extra adrenalin coursing through the veins. World has progressed, advanced and achieved new levels in terms of technologies and several countries are witnessed exploiting their air-defense systems to project useless assault. The world is taking robotic assistance and super fighters in order to combat I battlefield. Scientists are investing more and more of world’s resources at the name of scientific advancement while painting the human future gothic. Humans have lost their essence that of flesh, blood and sensibility instead they are treated as mere machines cold, lifeless.








Character Playing and Star Power

All the characters have been designed preferably flawed and with a secret which drives them to seek salvation. The star character taking up the roles are as follows:

Heather Graham is a playing parody dancer with high dreams of fame and she is ready to do whatever it takes to fulfill them. In her own words she is not a very nice person.Ron Pearlman is claimed to play a boxer. This has been his childhood dream and has given upon the hopes of getting in action assuming as with age he could only be reliable to play the manager of some boxing champion.Jeff Goldman is among the participators but could not make it to the comic con due to personal commitments.Robert Picardo has taken up the mysterious shadow role having sinister motives and luring other characters in the haze of helping them in quest of their salvation

Neal Mcdonough has not revealed his character’s name but the generic trend of his character is to be foul mouthed character showering all sorts of possible ill-epithets and enjoys guilty pleasure.All the bizarre elements of zombies are power packed with the extensive tension hovering throughout the game. Game comes up with additional Jugger-Nog edition, shaped like mini-fridge complete with well-grounded sound effect which activates automatically as you opens fridge to take out beer.Game is elevated with arrival of a cyborg personalization options, art cards, the Giant, bonus map and a steel book design. Game has promised to solve the questions left after Call Out: Black ops II Cliffhanger. Call of Duty: Black ops III is empowered with lots of shooting and best shooters, expanded movements mechanics, like wall running and power sliding.




A Multiplayer Beta is set for Call Out: black ops III and will feature all new momentum based chained movement system which will eventually help the player to move through environment by slides, wall rides, mantles and thrust jumps. Call out: Black ops III emprises nine new character classes in online multiplayer. These characters are named Specialists. These specialists are recognized by unique call sign and provided with one special ability and one special weapon. You must have to choose one before entering the game but cannot be used at same time. Their power avail themselves after passing some time or after earning some specific score has been earned in game.Four specialists are present at level in multiplayer while other fives have to be unlocked while stepping up the stages. Few of the nine specialists are following:


The special weapon of ruin is named Gravity spikes having double spikes and capable of killing anyone within short periphery when stuck to ground while his special ability is called overdrive which boosts his speed miraculously.


His special weapon is Sparrow, a compound bow which fires bolts and his special ability is vision pulse. It’s a sonic pulse which enhances the visibility of enemy falling under the vicinity after pinging them.


Her special weapon is war machine, a Grenade Launcher and special ability is called Kinetic Armor, it deflects the enemy’s bullet from body for five seconds.


Her special weapon is named Annihilator, a one shot killer pistol and the added on ability is called Combat Focus. While active, all score earned will trigger a bonus multiplier towards score streaks.

While playing such online multiplayer games one would like to keep certain helps handy. And these handy helps are called hacks and cheats. Cheating in such games is bound to enhance the experience, thrill and gives one player advantage over others. Ethnicity of cheating or hacks in game is decided by consensus or game policies, as to whether that particular activity has to be considered cheating or fraudulence. It is a pretense to follow through all the rules and regulations, a veil to cover the real intention of player, while corrupting those rules to gain advantage over an opponent.

The Internets and several online hubs provide players with methodology, tricks and helps them decode the complex stages. These portals helps the player dodge the bullets, make them pass through difficult stages, provides them insight about activities and structured complexities of opponent players as well as blue prints and suspected traps laid by the opponents behind the wall in short it gives a sort of X-RAY through the walls.

Wall hacks allows the player to see through solid or opaque objects or manipulate, remove textures, to know in advance about the arrival of opponent in targeting range from an occluded area. This is done by making wall textures transparent or modifying the game maps to insert holes into otherwise solid walls. As with Aimbot wall hacking relies on that FPS server usually sends raw positional information for all player’s game and leaves it up to the client’s 3d renderer to hide opponent behind walls, in plain foliage, or in dark shadows.

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Call of Duty Black Ops 3 aimbot

An aimbot ensures the visibility of information of all the other players to each player’s client computer. Targeting is pretty easy through aimbot hacks and simple enough just a matter of determining the position of opponent and player’s location.

While playing COD Black ops III one needs to set up the Aimbot key with the click of a button. Then when you play, you’ll notice players are marked red or green, hence red means bullets can’t hit them (they are hidden behind wall or blocks) and green means lock on! Simply hold down the Aimbot key and fire or turn on auto fire and the bot does it for you. The weapon will lock onto the player and take him out in seconds.

Call of Duty: Black ops III hack

It’s very simple and uncomplicated to use their game cheats. One has to just register there and get VIP access, and which take you to secret section to down load cheat loader . And after that you can open cheat and game with all your leisure and press the “MENU’ key to adjust settings in game. The inbuilt mouse menu into program allows you to turn all options on or off, during play.

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Call of Duty: Black ops III Reviews

With about one month more to go by the time the game releases, the initial expert reviews have started coming in. One of the best reviews can be found on However, the critic says that he has more mixed feelings than positive ones. Herein follows a summary of the main points made.

The graphics are the best one can get in a game. They are just “top-notch” for the lack of a better work. The backgrounds, the action and the effects – they all blend in to create a world that is as real as it gets. But as they say, there is something as too much of a good thing. That is what has happened to the game too. The world is hyper – colorful and the minute details on the characters end up making them look almost cartoonish. Left on its own, maybe the world would have looked better. Then the critic goes on to talk about the overabundance of Specialty classes. They add to what has been called the “cartoonish nature of the game”.

The next issue is with the content of the game. The critic feels that the game is set too much into the future and would have fared better had the timeline not been stretched so much. Call of Duty: Black ops III is a multiplayer game which come with their own tips and tricks. Some of the features like wall running and double jump end up making it feel like another version of Advanced Warfare. While the critic is appreciative of various features such as gravity spikes and lightning guns added to the game, he expresses nostalgia for what the original Call of Duty used to feel like.

By this time, the author has already expressed his feelings that Call of Duty: Black ops III seems more like another game than its predecessors. Then he goes on to list other strong similarities that he could see with other games. To begin with, the “cartoonish nature of the game” reminded

him of Destiny. If nothing else, the Beta version looks so much like mentioned game, thanks to the over – colorful settings and player avatars. Even the powers that the players get are strikingly similar to the ones that Destiny bestows on its Guardians. There was also an element of Titan fall. After all, Call of Duty: Black ops is played for more than the ability of running on a wall. All in all the experience of playing the game has changed for the author. It is just not what it used to be. It is too different from what the game has stood for so long.

However, all said and done, Call of Duty: Black ops III is good and fun to play with. Those factors mentioned above stay but they do not deter the hardcore lovers of the game. The maps are fun and exhilarating and the Superpowers are fun to explore. All in all, the Call of Duty: Black ops III may not be the author’s favorite multiplayer game but it is still a lot of adrenaline rush and gun junkie feeling.



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