How To View Private Instagram Profiles


How to View Private Instagram Profiles

Instagram is a popular social network that is based on picture and video posts. It is the third most used social app after Facebook and Twitter. Instagram users can post pictures and videos with text captions. Over time, Instagram has developed privacy settings due to which the content of private accounts can only be viewed by their followers. Although public accounts can easily be seen, viewing private accounts is difficult as it requires your follower request to be approved by that account. Private accounts restrict the account’s reach, but they are a great way to protect your account from unwanted attention.

Before now, there was no way to view the content of a private account, but it is possible now. Thus, if you have been wondering how to view private Instagram profiles, this is the right article for you.


Privacy Settings of Instagram

The privacy settings offered by Instagram are simple and straightforward. There are two options available i.e. a public or private profile. A public profile is exactly what it sounds like; it can be viewed by anyone with or without an Instagram account. It can be seen by people on their desktop and can also be viewed through other social media apps as Instagram lets its users share their posts on apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr.

However, if you activate the privacy settings, your public account turns private and only the users who follow you will be able to view your posts. Although people will be able to send follow requests, it’s up to you to approve them or not. Unless you’re already following a person, you’ll not be able to view their posts once they activate the privacy settings.

The Difficult Way to View Private Instagram

Want to find out how to see private Instagram profiles? One way of doing so is by creating another Instagram account. Viewing a male’s private Instagram is much easier as compared to a female’s by using this method. Once you have created an alternative Instagram account, use a girl’s picture and write a bio that catches the attention of the person whose private Instagram you need to view. Once that is done, post up to fifty pictures or more. Of course, making an account and posting is not enough to make the account appear real as you need followers. Getting these followers is easy as you can try the hack for getting free followers on Instagram.

Once you have completed the formation of the alternative account, set the privacy settings and send a follow request. The chances are that your follow request will be accepted and you’ll be able to view the posts of that private account. Turning on the privacy settings will make them curious as to who you are and it catches the person’s interest, but you can leave the account public too. Nevertheless, this method is long and complicated, and it’s not guaranteed that it’ll work, so here’s a much easier and surefire way to see private Instagram profiles.


Easy Way to View Private Instagram

There’s a much easier way to view private Instagram, which does not require you to make any payments or give any account details. You can also download the posts of the private account for later viewing. Thus, you no longer need to wonder how to view private Instagram accounts; just follow these simple steps.

Steps to View Private Instagram

There are certain sites that’ll help you view any private Instagram account. You will not have to download any file or software for this, which is how you know that this is not a scam. All you need is a regular browser to view private Instagram profiles. You’ll not be able to view the private Instagram accounts through your profile, which is why you don’t have to enter your account’s details. All you have to do is visit these websites and once you get to the page, enter the username whose private account you want to view.

Once you have entered the username, you can also select if you want to download the pictures and videos on that account. Click on the View Now button and the Private Profile Viewer will take you to their private account. The site, however, has bot protection enabled. Just like many websites, it is important to have protection from bots. The purpose of these bots is only to direct data at a given site so that it crashes. This tactic is used by rivals and competitors. You won’t need to give any personal information to get through the bot protection.

The site may ask you to enter a captcha or fill a short survey. The purpose of this is to make sure that you are human. Once you have performed this small task, you can easily view the account you intended to see. You cannot download this app, so you have to visit the website through your browser every time you wish to see a private Instagram account. The downloadable app is not provided as there are many scams that will ask you to download a file but to stand out, this service can only be accessed through a browser.


Is This Method Legal?

You must be wondering if doing this will get you in trouble or you’re wondering how this works. The answer is simple; the private profile viewer is not illegal as it makes use of a bug in the Instagram app to view private profiles. It is possible that in the future Instagram takes care of this bug and the software might not work, but as of now it works and is the simplest answer to how to view private Instagram. Make sure you avoid scams and frauds as they’ll ask you to provide personal information and account details or even ask you to pay to avail their services, but all such apps don’t work so beware.


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